Products For Govt Supply

We are a key manufacturer & supplier of laminated paper tubes, and keep up with precision, variety and easy application. Excellent in terms of exterior and interior finish, these tubes are ideal as winding centres, construction tubes, shipping, storage tubes, distance pieces, display tubes, advertising pillars, and other purposes. They come in different diameters and grades to suit the specific needs of customers. Also, our laminated paper tubes are specifically designed products for govt supply. These have good physical and mechanical properties that make them a perfect solution in the industry. Super sturdy and strong, they also have high moisture resistance.

Key Aspects:
  • A large number of applications
  • Variety of materials and grades
  • Outstanding machining qualities
  • Wound under high pressure & heat
  • Can be machined, painted & printed
  • Can be united with various base materials  
  • Perfect for dry as well as humid condition

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